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How Dangerous Are Wolf Spiders In Edenton?

February 10, 2021

Spiders understandably give people in Edenton the heebie-jeebies. First of all, they are strange looking. While their bodies can be chunky and full, their legs are long and hunched. They have lots of tiny eyes, and some are even furry. Second, a few can run super fast and leap across distances. The third part is the most unsettling. Spiders often make webs and have fangs that eject venom. Those webs can be next to clear, so it’s easy to ... Read More

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Edenton's Guide To Total German Cockroach Control

December 15, 2020

The question isn’t how much do you know about the German cockroach; it’s how much do you want to know about the German cockroach. The more you look into this dangerous invasive pest, the scarier it becomes.... Read More


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