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How To Keep Mice Out Of Your Raleigh Home

March 31, 2021

While there are plenty of cutesy kid movies starring them, in the real world, mice are not so adorable. They spread disease, ruin food stores, destroy property, and drive homeowners insane. What’s worse, over the centuries, urban mice have become more and more dependent on humans. ... Read More

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Why You Need Professional Help With Rodents In Your Raleigh Home

December 15, 2020

They may look cute, they may be cuddly when tame, but these household attackers are anything but adorable when they infest your pest-free Raleigh home. "Rodent" is an umbrella term that includes a wide variety of household pests; the most common of these home-invading creatures include rats and mice. These animals vary significantly in terms of size, color, and shape, but they both can be easily identified by their four legs, pink tails, and l... Read More

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Five No-Sweat Rodent Prevention Tips For Raleigh Property Owners

December 8, 2020

There is a fine line between a house pet and a house pest, and rodents often walk this line. On one hand, they can provide years of cuddles and entertainment when domesticated. On the other hand, wild rodents are incredibly noisy, destructive, and dangerous and regularly cause trouble in and around homes. ... Read More


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