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A pest invasion can evoke many feelings. Not only is there the initial surprise at seeing a critter run across your floor, counters, or walls, but there is also the potentially ensuing disgust, frustration, and even embarrassment. After all, there aren’t many people that want to be responsible for an outbreak of roaches, fleas, millipedes, or mites. Pest invasions, though, are widespread and often occur in homes or businesses at one time or another, regardless of how clean or well-kept the space may be. A pest infestation does not mean that you are a lousy housekeeper; they come with the territory of owning or managing any space. 

At Pest and Termite Consultants, we understand that an infestation can happen in any space. We offer a comprehensive range of pest control services in Raleigh, designed to keep your home or commercial building free from pests without using any harmful treatments. Our business practices, work ethic, and effective pest control services have helped make us the most prominent inspector for new homes in the triangle. In other words, our team is adept at locating and eliminating pest invasions quickly, skillfully, and affordably. 

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  • “I have used Pest & Termite Consultants for years and they have never failed to deliver professional and quality service.” - Douglas Howard
  • “He is the best technician we've ever had!” - Shannon Novak
  • “Very professional and thorough” - Lee Katherine Ayerhart
  • “he's always super nice, friendly and in a good mood that exudes positive vibes” - Tyler Atkins
  • “Great local company with employees that go the extra mile.” - Lea Woodard
  • “We really appreciate him fitting us in so quickly and being willing to take care of it despite it being up in the tree.” - Glen and Mandy Steinhardt
  • “Really polite gentleman.” - Erica Metze
  • “Highly recommended” - David Cleckley

How We Can Help

We work hard to be a one-stop shop for pest control services in the Raleigh area. For our team, that means offering a full range of services covering all the pests you are likely to encounter in our region.

Here is a quick list of some of the most common pests that we can eliminate from your home or commercial building: 

  • Ants
  • Bed bugs
  • Cockroaches 
  • Mice and rats
  • Millipedes
  • Mosquitos
  • Spiders
  • Termites 

Getting rid of these pests as soon as possible is essential. Otherwise, they will begin to reproduce, making pest problems more prominent and visible. Further, many pests come with hazards. Bed bugs, for example, multiply and spread very quickly and will even travel with you to other locations through your clothing, luggage, and bedding, while mice and rats are known to carry disease and contaminate food. 

One of the more frustrating aspects of having a pest outbreak is that they don’t always come one at a time. It is common to have overlapping issues, such as concurrent millipede and roach infestations. While this can be intimidating for home or business owners, you do not need to worry. Our team understands the complexity and nuances of pest infestations, so we tailor every job to each specific client, creating a plan of action designed for you. In fact, one of the only things that all of our service calls have in common is that they are prompt, effective, and eco-friendly. We are not interested in talking you into services you do not need; we are interested in giving you back control of your home. 

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We have been providing excellent pest control services in Raleigh since 1993. Whether you have a lingering suspicion that mice are crawling through your walls or a visible infestation of roaches, fleas, or earwigs, we are here to help. Please take a moment to look through our site to view a complete list of our services or get in touch with us for more information. We offer quotes before beginning a job so that you know what to expect when we are packing up the blue trucks after a successful service call.

Having issues with bugs, mice, or rats? Give us a call at (919) 246-8831 or contact us online to make an appointment today.

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