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Keeping Pests Off Your Restaurant’s Reservation List

Having a pest problem in your restaurant can be stressful and embarrassing. It can lead to health risks for customers, loss of business due to negative reviews, and expensive repairs due to property damage caused by pests. That’s why it is so important to have a reliable pest control service that you can count on when the need arises. 

At Pest and Termite Consultants, we provide comprehensive pest control services for restaurants throughout Raleigh, NC. Our experienced technicians are trained to eliminate pests from dining areas without disrupting your operations or endangering your employees or customers. Our team also provides preventive measures to help keep pests at bay before they become an issue. With our commitment to customer satisfaction and 25+ years of service, you can trust us with your restaurant’s pest control needs!

If you own or manage a restaurant and are having an issue with pests, give our team at (919) 246-8831 today.

The Most Common Pests in Restaurants 

Many different pests are attracted to restaurants. After all, restaurants typically have a large store of food on hand, are challenging to keep clean, and often have well-lit exteriors. In other words, they are a gold mine for pests of all kinds.

Some of the most common pests seen in Raleigh-area restaurants include: 

  • Cockroaches are especially problematic because of their ability to spread bacteria and other pathogens that can contaminate food supplies and surfaces.
  • Rodents are also a concern as they can carry fleas, mites, and other parasites that can lead to severe illnesses or allergies in staff or customers.
  • Flies, too, are particularly troublesome as they can breed quickly and easily transport disease-causing organisms between places.
  • Stored product insects like moths and weevils will feed on items such as grains, cereals, and other food products found in restaurants that act as their breeding grounds.
  • Ants and stinging insects such as wasps or bees can be dangerous if provoked.

With such a large variety of potential invaders, you will want a team on your side with ample experience, aggressive treatment options, and the ability to operate without having to shut your restaurant down.

That’s where we come in. Our team at Pest and Termite Consultants is adept at eliminating pest invasions of all kinds. We understand the importance of discretion and staying out of sight when laying down our treatments so your patrons can enjoy their meals without wondering why the guys in the blue trucks are hanging around. 

How We Protect Your Restaurant

No two pest infestations are the same. For example, while a roach infestation may seem straightforward, many factors affect how we approach the situation, such as the type of roach, the architecture of the restaurant, proximity to wooded areas, and more. Because of this, we develop a personalized plan for each of our clients designed to serve their unique needs. We then eliminate the infestation using the most effective methods for your problem. 

Some of the treatment options we have available are: 

  • Spray Treatments: We spray inside and outside your restaurant, targeting entry points and the areas with the most activity.
  • Bait Stations: Bait stations are a pest control method that uses baits, usually made from food-grade ingredients, to attract and trap pests. The bait is placed inside one or more enclosed containers, known as bait stations, located in areas where the pests are likely to inhabit.
  • Borate Treatments: Borate treatments are a pest control method that uses boron compounds to manage and control pests effectively. The mix is applied directly to the area of infestation, either by dusting, spraying, or foaming. It releases substances that disrupt a pest’s metabolism, leading to death or paralysis.
  • Foam Treatments: Foam treatments in pest control refer to the use of foam products that contain insecticides to eliminate pests, such as ants, bedbugs, roaches, and beetles, among others. The foam expands upon application and reaches hard-to-reach areas where pests may be hiding, providing better coverage and efficacy.
  • Liquid Barrier Products: Liquid barrier products are a form of pest control that creates an invisible barrier or “wall” around the area of infestation. The liquid barrier then repels any insects that come into contact with it, preventing them from entering the infestation site and providing long-term protection from pests.

Regardless of your issue, we have a solution that will work for your unique situation. Our treatments are effective, eco-friendly, and affordable. If you would like more information about the treatments we use, call us at your earliest convenience. 

Signs of a Pest Infestation

At this point, you may be wondering how to detect a pest infestation before it gets out of control. After all, once you see a cockroach or mouse, there are likely more lurking in your restaurant’s shadows, walls, and hard-to-reach areas. 

Some clear signs of a pest infestation include:

  • Sightings of Pests: Seeing live or dead pests, such as cockroaches, ants, or rodents, is a clear sign of an infestation.
  • Droppings or Feces: Pests leave droppings or feces behind, which can be found in areas where they are active.
  • Gnaw Marks: Rodents and other pests can gnaw on food packaging, wood, and other materials.
  • Damage to Walls or Floors: Pests such as termites can cause damage to walls, floors, and other structural elements.
  • Unusual Smells: Pests can produce a strong, musty odor, especially when present in large numbers.
  • Nesting Sites: Pests such as cockroaches and rodents may create nests in hidden areas of the restaurant, such as inside walls or in the attic.
  • Unexplained Food Loss: Pests can consume or contaminate food, leading to unexplained food loss.
  • Unusual Pest Behavior: Pests that are active during the day instead of the night.

It’s worth noting that some pests, such as termites, can be challenging to detect and may not show any visible signs of infestation. Regular inspections by a professional pest control service can help detect infestations before they cost you money in the form of repair bills and lost revenue. 

Contact Us Today

Pest and Termite Consultants is Raleigh’s go-to team for restaurant pest control services. Our team uses safe, eco-friendly pest control treatments that are always customized to your needs. 

If you need help eliminating a pest problem in your restaurant, call us at (919) 246-8831 or contact us online today!

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