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Raleigh Homeowners Mini-Guide To Avoiding Bed Bugs

If you have never run into bed bugs in your lifetime, be thankful. Bed bugs are small parasitic pests that get from place to place by hitching rides on humans, animals, clothing, bags, or personal items. Like other parasitic pests, bed bugs feed on the blood of warm-blooded animals to survive. More often than not, bed bugs prefer the blood of humans which makes bed bugs much more of a frustration to deal with and a pest that you definitely don't want to find in your Raleigh home.

Bed Bugs

Why Are Bed Bugs Becoming So Common?

For a while, homeowners across the United States didn’t really have to worry about the threat of bed bugs invading their properties. This was because a chemical product known as DDT was commonly used as a primary ingredient in certain pesticides. Unfortunately, while DDT did a great job of drastically reducing the number of bed bugs in America, it also created severe environmental issues and health concerns for humans—which led to its ban in 1972. Over the last couple of decades or so, the bed bug population in the United States has surged dramatically with people traveling and carrying them into new places. Bed bugs have become quite resistant to several forms of common pesticides, which makes eliminating them from your Raleigh home even more difficult.

How to Avoid Bringing Bed Bugs Into Your Raleigh Home

The first step to keeping bed bugs off your property is being aware of the places they like to hide. Blankets, bedding, dirty laundry, under floorboards, behind wallpaper, and inside electrical outlets are all places where you may find bed bugs in your home. However, it is often the bed bugs you find outside of your home that you need to worry about. Public areas are common hotspots for bed bug activity for the simple reason that more people travel through these areas. Entering airports, daycares, schools, hotels, and even public transportation may increase the risk that you'll bring bed bugs home with you. The good news is that there are a few steps you can take to avoid bringing them inside.

  • Check hotel rooms for shed skins, egg casings, and live or dead bed bugs. If you find any of these signs in your room, ask to be moved to a new one.

  • Avoid bringing used furniture into your home without first checking it for signs of bed bugs.

  • Always check your clothing, belongings, and baggage for bed bug eggs and adult bed bugs.

  • If you find bed bugs on or in your belonging, put those items in the washer on the highest heat setting, if possible.

When bed bugs infest your property, the only effective solution is to partner with the professionals here at Pest & Termite Consultants for all your bed bug problems. With a highly trained K9 team to detect where bed bugs are hidden and effective thermal treatment options, we can ensure your Raleigh home will be free of bed bugs as soon as possible. Reach out to the pest technicians here at Pest & Termite Solutions today for an effective home pest control plan and advanced bed bug service options!

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