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Why You Need Professional Help With Rodents In Your Raleigh Home

They may look cute, they may be cuddly when tame, but these household attackers are anything but adorable when they infest your pest-free Raleigh home. "Rodent" is an umbrella term that includes a wide variety of household pests; the most common of these home-invading creatures include rats and mice. These animals vary significantly in terms of size, color, and shape, but they both can be easily identified by their four legs, pink tails, and large ears. 


Of course, rodents put many things at risk within the homes they infest, including the health and wellness of their occupants. If you have noticed:

  • Scratching sounds in the walls 
  • Oily marks left along corners and baseboards 
  • Tiny tooth marks in food packaging or walls 
  • Excrement piles in various locations

You may have a rodent problem that will require immediate attention. 

Why DIY Handling Of Rodent Infestations Is More Than A Little Dangerous

Many homeowners choose to handle rodent infestations on their own, for better or for worse. This decision is made largely because of the amount of misinformation on the internet, which recommends the use of hundreds of DIY remedies. However, these virtual promises are all but hollow, and, in fact, some DIY or home rodent remedies may be less effective than professional treatments and potentially dangerous to those who use them.

  • Homemade treatments such as essential oils and vinegar sprays may help to keep rodents from coming inside, but they will not remove an infestation once established. 
  • Over-the-counter treatments may contain dangerous chemicals that are lethal to humans and pets. Unless these are applied with the utmost care, OTC baits and traps could potentially harm your family rather than remove its rodent infestation. 
  • Attempting to handle rodents and their waste on your own will put you at risk for contracting serious illnesses such as hantavirus.

If you believe that rodents are already living in your Raleigh home, DIY methods should never be your go-to plan. Instead, contact the professionals at Pest & Termite Consultants to receive a free home inspection right away. 

Remove Raleigh Rodents With Pest & Termite Consultants  

Whether or not you notice rodents in your home, they're potentially there, and growing to boot. Ignoring the signs and symptoms of rats or mice inside the home is never a recipe for success. There may be some opportunity to address initial rodent problems before they arise, but if rodents have already entered and infested your Raleigh home, there will be no time for prevention at all. 
Despite what you may read online, the safest and most effective way to eliminate rodent infestations in your Raleigh home will be to contact the professionals at Pest & Termite Consultants. Our company springs into action the moment we receive your phone call, and points the cross-hairs at any malignant pest in our sights. More than 25 years of professional experience has equipped us with the knowledge, tools, and expertise to eliminate rodent infestations safely, practically, and affordably. We don’t stop with a single inspection and treatment, and return to your home for follow-up visits until the threat of pest occupation is fully eliminated. 
Let the guys in blue deliver a quote for you when you contact the main Raleigh office at Pest & Termite Consultants now. Our team is standing by to take your information by phone or online contact form, and is prepared to answer any questions you may have about your rodent treatment options. Don’t let rodents get the best of you this holiday season. Push back with the professionals at Pest & Termite Consultants today! 

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