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Covid-19 Update

I hope that this message finds you healthy.
Pest & Termite Consultants, Inc., is open for business to serve you, our customer. Our phones and computer systems are web-based, so you will see no difference in how our office staff is functioning.

we're open

As for Pest, Mosquito, Bed Bug & Termite Control Services, we have been declared an Essential Service and part of the NC Critical Infrastructure by The Department of Homeland Security and The NC Department of Agriculture. 

The Department of Homeland Security - See the Public Works section -
NC Department Of Agriculture -

You Might Ask Why Pest Control is an Essential Business-Critical Infrastructure? 

A few reasons to consider. Mosquito and tick season has just started, both of these pests carry infectious diseases. Another pest-related concern is cockroaches. Roaches shed pathogens that can cause issues with those who have respiratory issues, including asthma in children. Rats and mice can carry infectious diseases as well and many people are allergic to stinging insects. Then there are the financial considerations. Termites cause billions of dollars in damage across the United States each year. Real estate closings and refinancing require an NC WDI-100 report for closing. With the number of refinances and modifications, in a great time of need, we need to get these done, post haste.

The Health And Safety Of Our Customers, Employees And Their Respective Families Is Our Number One Concern! 

We will continue to service your homes and businesses with social distancing kept as a strict policy. Technicians will no longer have you signing their tablets. Service notifications will be emailed. We would prefer credit card payments, instead of cash or check. Some services-agreements require us to get signatures. We will send for a digital signature whenever possible. You will, and may have already noticed, over the past week or two, our service technicians are wearing an increased level of PPE. Please don’t be alarmed, treatments are still 100% safe. This, in combination with social distancing, is an added layer of protection to our valued customers as well as our service technicians.
We will still perform your complete service if desired as you are accustomed to, with no change. If preferred, an exterior-only treatment can be performed. Please keep in mind 75%+ of your service and its effectiveness is the exterior, garage and crawl space. With the change in season, increasing temperatures mark the start of mosquito, tick, ant, wasp and termite swarmers. We need to perform some level of treatment, at this point in time to maintain control all season long. With the destructive nature of termites and their biology, keeping your termite warranty in place and current by getting your annual inspection performed is paramount. In most cases this requires little to no contact.
With many working from home, kids home from school, backyards and driveways are being used more than ever. If we arrive at your home and anyone is outside, we politely ask that everyone go inside until we have finished your service. 30 minutes is the general exterior dry time.

On behalf of myself and all of our employees, we greatly appreciate your business and continued support!

David R. Vitale
NC 2057PW SC CA032137 VA#14784