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How Dangerous Is It To Have Bed Bugs In My Raleigh Home?

You've probably heard some bad things about bed bugs. But how much of what you've heard is true? With household pests, it can be hard to differentiate fact from fiction. If you're not sure what to believe about the dangers of bed bugs, it's time to learn the facts. Find out all about the risks of bed bugs in Raleigh.

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What Makes Bed Bugs Dangerous?

There are a few characteristics that make bed bugs dangerous. However, the term "danger" isn't in the conventional sense. Unlike cockroaches and mosquitoes, bed bugs aren't directly associated with deadly diseases. To this date, researchers are still trying to determine whether or not Raleigh bed bugs can spread diseases to humans. 
While bed bugs might not make you seriously ill, they could affect you in other ways. For instance, bed bugs in Raleigh often cause insomnia. They bite at night while you're sleeping. Although you're unlikely to feel them bite, you will feel the aftermath. You could be up all night itching away at your bug bites. Furthermore, knowing that you have little bugs under your mattress makes it hard to sleep. Even if you're not scratching at your bites, the mental toll can still wear on your peace of mind.

Secondary Infections

One of the biggest issues with bed bugs is the risk of a secondary infection. After a bed bug bites you, their saliva causes an allergic reaction. Most people have itchy welts that they spend hours scratching at. If you scratch enough, you might break the skin and develop a secondary infection. 


Although anemia doesn't always happen when you have bed bugs, it is a possibility. When there's a large infestation, you could experience significant blood loss. This may result in anemia, which requires you to take an iron supplement. 

Bed Bugs Are Relentless

One of the dangers of bed bugs is the fact that they're difficult to keep out and equally difficult to remove from your property. Out of all the pests in Raleigh, bed bugs are one of the most elusive. They're small in size, and the untrained eye might find it difficult to see bed bugs. As small brown specs under your mattress or in your baseboards, bed bugs are hard to see. Typically, people don't even know they have these pests until it's too late. 
You may not know you have bed bugs until you feel their bites. By then, you could have a major infestation. Bed bugs have a very fast breeding cycle, which means that they take over in a short period. If you don't treat your problem quickly, the bed bug population will explode.

Bed Bugs Enter Your Home With Ease 

Bed bugs are dangerous because they're almost impossible to keep out. If you travel, bed bugs could climb into your suitcase and hitchhike home with you. They could be in a dresser you bring home from the thrift store, or in your neighbor's apartment. 
While there are ways in which you can limit your chances of having bed bugs, there's only so much you can do. Unlike other pests, bed bugs aren't deterred by keeping a clean home.

Bed Bugs Are Hard To Remove

Getting rid of bed bugs takes an experienced hand. Unfortunately, DIY methods of bed bug removal don't usually work. There's no effective way to get every bed bug out of your home unless you have the right tools and experience.
Pest & Termite Consultants have years of experience fighting off bed bugs. Our trained technicians can eliminate all signs of the pests. At the first sign of bed bug problems, give us a call and we'll be ready to help. 

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