What Are My Bed Bug Treatment Options In Raleigh?

July 17, 2019

So you think you have bed bugs? You've had enough of the dark brown excrement spots, and the strong, musky odor. And you’re officially done with the unexplained, itchy bites. Bed bugs are some of the most difficult household pests to eliminate, especially in the Raleigh area. Once the bugs find a suitable home, they won’t go away without significant elimination efforts.

a full grown adult bed bug crawling through a hairy forest of human skin in the middle of the night

Don’t Wait for DIY

While many DIY methods claim to wipe out bed bugs with a few inexpensive ingredients, these pests are a far more resilient insect than you might imagine. You can’t hesitate to call a professional if you think you have bed bugs living under your roof. As time goes on, and without professional help, your bed bug infestation will only worsen.

Bed Bug Treatment Options

With Pest and Termite Consultants in Raleigh, you have several safe and effective bed bug treatment options to meet your household’s unique needs. 

  • Before treatments are applied, our independent K9 unit will sniff out suspicious areas to ensure that bed bugs are present in your home. 

  • Thermal treatments heat the rooms in your home to 140 degrees for 4 hours, which kills bed bugs in the adult, nymph, and egg stages. This method reaches infestations in difficult-to-control areas, including electronics, books, and even electrical outlets.

  •  Preventative chemical treatments are sprayed around the baseboards of your home or affected areas. This treatment lasts approximately 4 to 6 weeks and ensures that the bugs can't and won't come knocking at your door for a while.

  •  Education is the best step in preventing bed bug infestations from reoccurring. Here at Pest & Termite Consultants, we end all of our treatment services with educating you and help you keep your home safe from bed bug infestations year-round. 

 No matter what bed bug treatment options you choose, choose them with Pest & Termite Consultants!

Get the Sleep-Well Advantage

Having a bed bug infestation in your home is a frightening experience. At Pest & Termite Consultants, we understand that you need a prompt, friendly, and efficient pest control service—especially when your sleep is being disrupted. With a 99.9% elimination rate for bed bugs, our customers couldn’t be happier with our proven methods for a bug-free home. We perform over 4,000 treatments per year and stand as the number one bed bug eliminator in NC. We also provide our Sleep Well Advantage Guarantee, offering nine months of bed bug coverage from the date of your initial treatment. 
Don’t let the bed bug nightmare go on any longer. To get your free consultation and schedule your bed bug inspection, give us a call to chat with us today at Pest & Termite Consultants for the best bed bug control in the tri-state area.

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