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Dangers Cockroaches Bring To Raleigh Homes During The Summer

If you were to walk in to find cockroaches in your kitchen, what would be your reaction? Would you scream and run from the room in terror? Would you freeze in fear, not knowing what to do? Or would you react quickly, trying to catch or shew them away? No matter how you would react, we are not here to judge. What we are here to do is help you better understand cockroaches and potentially help you find a solution to keeping them out of your home.


Why Cockroaches Are a Big Problem During the Summer Months

The thing about cockroaches that you may not know is that when it is cold and rainy they are hardly active at all, usually hiding or lying dormant. It is only when the weather starts to heat and dry up during the summer months that cockroaches become a major issue around homes. This makes now a prime time for cockroaches and the time when you should be most concerned about a potential infestation.

Dangers of Cockroaches

What is funny is that cockroaches do not pose any immediate threat when you see them crawling across your floor. The only thing compelling you to jump on the nearest chair is simply their appearance and the way they move.
The threats cockroaches pose come more in the form of diseases and contamination that they bring into homes. They create these problems when they scavenge across your counters, tabletops, and crawl through and over any food they can find. From the pie left on the counter to the cereal slightly opened in the cabinet, wherever cockroaches can find and eat food they will. When cockroaches are not raiding your kitchen and dining room you can most commonly find them around sewage, trashcans, or in other areas of your home that is designed for containing filth. You can probably see why this could be problematic.

Why Call a Professional for Cockroaches Immediately if You’ve Seen Them

If you have seen cockroaches in your own home, the Pest & Termite Consultants are here to help. Our pest technicians have trained long and hard to know how to handle cockroach infestations of all sizes and would be happy to use that experience to get your home cockroach-free. To get a taste of our friendly and efficient services, give us a call!
We're not sure how you would react if you found roaches in your home, but we are sure that not long after, you would soon be looking for a solution to get them out. Whether you're in need of a home pest control plan or commercial pest control solutions to resolve your cockroach problem, we have a solution at Pest & Termite Consultants!

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