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How To Tell If You Have A Termite Problem In Your Raleigh Home

May 13, 2020

When people get hungry, anything can start to seem appetizing. You have probably heard the saying, “I’m so hungry I could eat an elephant”. Despite how hungry you have been before, we know you have never looked at the walls of your home and thought, man would those be tasty? Do you know who does have these thoughts? Termites.... Read More

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The Best Advice About Rodent Prevention Raleigh Homeowners Can Hear

April 15, 2020

Staying one step ahead of pest infestations and the problems that come with them is a constant concern for responsible homeowners. Rodents are the best example of why, because once they move in they can bring a whole host of problems including disease, damage to property, and many nuisance issues.... Read More

yes we are open update on covid-19

Covid-19 Update

March 26, 2020

Pest & Termite Consultants, Inc., is open for business to serve you, our customer. Our phones and computer systems are web-based, so you will see no difference in how our office staff is functioning.... Read More

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When Is Termite Season In Raleigh?

March 16, 2020

Here in Raleigh, termite season typically picks up in early spring and can go well into late fall. During this time, a number of things can happen. If you are not prepared, your home could be at risk.... Read More

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What It Means If You Are Seeing Moths In Your Raleigh Kitchen  

February 18, 2020

Moths are not exactly what you would expect for your typical house pest. You are probably used to seeing moths fluttering outside near lights at night but not in your kitchen and around your pantry. You are probably here today because you are seeing moths around your food and you don’t know why. You may have even found their larvae crawling around in your cereal. That’s even worse!... Read More

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How Does Winter Weather Impact Cockroaches In Raleigh?

December 16, 2019

Winter is coming and there is nothing we can do to stop it. The weather will get colder, we will have to wear warmer clothing, and cockroaches will be trying to get into our homes. What attracts cockroaches into homes? Mostly warmth. Just like us, cockroaches need some way to stay warm when the weather outside becomes unfriendly.... Read More

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What to Do When Bed Bugs Invade Raleigh Properties

November 15, 2019

Bed bugs are some of the hardest infestations of pests to deal with. If you are faced with bed bugs invading your Raleigh property, there are steps you can take to eliminate them. Knowing how to identify them, the risks they pose, and where to turn for help is important.... Read More

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Proud To Be A PCT Rising Star!  

October 17, 2019

PCT only selects a few companies for the PCT Online Rising Stars award. This award is given out by PCT Online, an industry-leading source for news and updates on the pest control industry and the technology that they are pioneering to better fight pests. ... Read More

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An Extreme Guide To Rodent Control In Raleigh

October 15, 2019

10 times out of 10, rodents will choose our homes over anything they might find in the wild. Are you worried that your home is at risk? Are you wondering if you already have a rodent infestation? We will help you find out.... Read More

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