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Home Remedies Just Don't Cut It When It Comes To Fleas


Owning a pet comes with many upsides. If you are lonely, pets can provide unconditional love and companionship. If you want someone to play with, they will retrieve balls or play with string with you. Some pets can even be trained to fetch necessities, turn off lights, and protect you when you are being threatened. All of these things make up for the few downsides that also come with pets. One of these is fleas. Fleas are not fun for pets and even less fun for Raleigh homeowners. If you are dealing with a flea infestation, we have some suggestions for you.

What Not To Do When Fleas Invade

When fleas invade homes, it is common for homeowners to look up natural remedies and DIY methods to get them out. Today we are going to talk about some of these methods and the reasons why they may not be the best way to deal with fleas.

  • Vinegar: Fleas do not like the smell of vinegar and spraying it around your house can deter them a little. However,  if fleas get inside and start to reproduce, this is not a solution.
  • Fresh Cut Garlic: Some sources say that adding freshly cut garlic to your dog's meals can keep fleas away. Do not try this, as dogs are allergic to garlic, and it can cause them stomach problems.
  • Herbal Sprays and Essential Oils: Just like vinegar, fleas are not fond of strong smells. Some sites say you can spray these substances onto your pets to deter these insects, but again, do not do this as your pet's sense of smell is much stronger than your own, and many of these sprays might bother them.
  • Flea Bombs: Probably the most common flea extermination DIY you will find online suggests that using flea bombs is the best way to eliminate fleas from your home. We do not recommend this. If not used appropriately, flea bombs can get you, your family, and your pets very sick. It is always better to trust the use of potentially dangerous chemicals to the hands of professionals.

If fleas are not yet in your home, the best way to keep them away is to talk to your vet. They will find the best option for your pet so that if fleas do get on your pets while they're outdoors, the insects won't make it inside alive.

What To Do If Fleas Invade

When fleas get past your defenses and into your home, there isn't much you can do to get them out alone. However, partnering with Pest & Termite Consultants offers a reliable and effective flea elimination solution. We make getting fleas out of your home simple. No hassle, no wasting money on products that may or may not work, just a single phone call, and we will handle the rest. Give us a call today, and let us help get rid of fleas in Lake Gaston and surrounding areas.

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