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How Mosquitoes Survive Winter

Mosquito standing in snow

As the weather cools and fall turns into winter, you may notice that the pesky little blood suckers disappear, providing temporary relief during the cold months. Don't be fooled. Mosquitoes are survivors!

In this blog, you will learn how mosquitoes survive the winter and why protecting your property from them is essential even when they appear inactive.

Life Cycle of Mosquitoes

Male and female mosquitoes have distinctly different lifespans, which plays a significant role in how they survive the winter months. Male mosquitoes live for approximately ten days since their sole purpose is to mate with the females.

Female mosquitoes, however, have an average lifespan of two months, but some can live up to nine months. This is important because it allows female mosquitoes to lay their eggs in various locations, enabling them to survive until springtime.

How Mosquitoes Return Once Winter is Over

There are two main ways that mosquitoes survive the winter and return once the temperature increases.

Laying Eggs

The first way is by laying eggs. Female mosquitoes lay eggs during warmer months before it gets cold so that their eggs will be ready to hatch when spring arrives. Female mosquitoes can lay hundreds of eggs at once, and because these eggs are laid near water sources such as ponds, lakes, or rivers, they can easily survive the winter even if conditions outside aren't ideal.

Enter a State of Diapause

When temperatures start to drop, female mosquitoes enter a state of diapause. This means they become dormant and will not lay any more eggs until warmer weather arrives. They are still alive, but their metabolism slows down significantly so they can conserve energy until warmer weather returns. They also seek out places like hollow tree trunks or gardens to hide from cold temperatures during this period.

Why Is It Important to Treat My Property During The Winter

Just because you don't see any activity from mosquitoes during winter doesn't mean you shouldn't take preventative measures against them! In fact, it's even more critical to ensure your property is treated for mosquitos as early as possible so you can prevent an infestation when warm weather arrives again.

It's also wise to keep your yard free of standing water and other mosquito breeding grounds, so you're ready with mosquito protection as soon as possible when springtime rolls around again.

It's amazing how resilient these tiny pests are! While they may not be active during the year's colder months, understanding how they survive helps us prepare accordingly for when the warmer weather inevitably returns. Don't let Mother Nature fool you, be sure to stay vigilant and take measures now to protect your property against mosquitos come springtime.

Taking proactive steps now can help ensure that summer is mosquito-free and enjoyable for everyone involved! Contact our mosquito experts at Pest & Termite Consultants to schedule your next treatment to ensure your home is ready for a mosquito-free summer. (919) 246-8831

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