German Cockroach Thermal Remediation In Raleigh, NC

When German Roaches Invade, Trust The Experts To Get Rid Of Them!

German cockroaches may be small, but when they infest your home or apartment building, it can become a big problem. Not only can the presence of cockroaches cause you to feel uncomfortable in your own home, but these pests are also responsible for transmitting many serious illnesses to people and triggering allergy and asthma attacks with their shed skins and excrement. While traditional chemical treatments can be useful, this method is slow to work and can sometimes leave roaches or their eggs behind, allowing for re-infestation in the future. By investing in thermal remediation from Pest & Termite Consultants, you can be sure your German cockroach infestation will be eliminated!

Our Thermal Remediation Process

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When they invade, a German cockroach problem can quickly get out of hand, especially in homes and apartment complexes. Once they find their way into one apartment, they will be able to access the other units by traveling through the walls. This is also how roaches spread so quickly throughout entire homes.

If you are a property manager or homeowner with a German roach problem, you'll need an effective solution that works fast to get rid of your roaches before they spread. Pest & Termite Consultants’ thermal remediation is the answer!

Free Inspections

To start off this process, we’ll begin with a FREE inspection to determine if the pests you're dealing with are in fact German cockroaches and how widespread your infestation is. If we find German cockroaches or signs of their presence in your home or apartment building, we’ll move into the treatment phase.

Thermal Remediation Treatments

After we've thoroughly inspected your property for signs of German cockroach activity, we'll begin treatment. Thermal remediation is another term for heat treatments and is incredibly effective in eliminating a wide variety of pest invaders, including German roaches. In fact, after performing over 4,500 of these procedures, we have a 99.9% success rate at eliminating all German cockroaches within the treated building. Furthermore, heat treatments are cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and work in just one day.

Our heat treatments work by heating your home or business to 140°F and maintaining that temperature for up to four hours, allowing the necessary time for our treatments to reach even the hard-to-reach areas of your home. This time frame is sufficient to eliminate cockroaches in all stages of development. The high temperatures then penetrate walls, baseboards, outlets, furniture, books, appliances, and electronics, and is incredibly effective at eradicating every German roach in residential and commercial properties.

Follow-Up Visits

Thermal remediation only requires one treatment to be effective, and we warranty that service for thirty days after the initial treatment. If you start seeing German cockroaches in your home, apartment complex, or commercial building within that time frame, we'll return to re-treat your property at no additional cost to you!

Additionally, we also provide education and offer recommendations to property managers and homeowners after the thermal remediation treatment has been completed, which includes describing conditions that are conducive to cockroach infestations and some helpful prevention tips on how to keep them from returning.

Keeping Your Raleigh & Edenton, NC Home Or Property Roach-Free!

All it takes is a couple of roaches getting inside to lead to a full-blown infestation! Serving Edenton, Raleigh, and the Triangle area of North Carolina, the team here at Pest & Termite Consultants take their job seriously and are always striving to provide the best pest control services available. That’s why when it comes to German roach control, we use the most effective and cost-efficient solution, thermal remediation! In fact, we're so sure of our services, we guarantee it. To schedule your free inspection, contact us!


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