What are mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes are parasitic insects that are closely related to flies. Females feed on the blood of their hosts (people and animals) to get the protein necessary to create their eggs. Plant nectar is the main food source for both the males and females. Adult mosquitoes have slender bodies, long legs, and narrow, hairy wings. They also have an extended, piercing mouthpart (proboscis) that they use for feeding. Their coloring and color patterns are species-specific, though most species are black, dark brown, or black and white.

a mosquito swarm outside a home in louisburg north carolina

Are mosquitoes dangerous?

Mosquitoes, despite their frail nature and small size, are actually considered one of the world’s most deadly animals. Female mosquitoes feed on the blood of a variety of animal and human hosts. This means they are capable of easily and quickly spreading significant diseases and life-threatening parasites. Mosquitoes are responsible for transmitting West Nile virus, encephalitis, and the Zika virus in the United States. They are also responsible for infecting dogs with potentially fatal parasitic heart worms. In other parts of the world, they are responsible for spreading many deadly diseases, including Malaria.

Why do I have a mosquito problem?

Mosquitoes are living and breeding on your property because it is providing them with a suitable environment to do both. Females lay their eggs on top of areas of standing water, which is also where their eggs hatch and the larvae develop into adults. Ornamental ponds, marshes, wading pools, drainage ditches, and water collecting inside of containers are common mosquito breeding spots. Plant nectar is the main food source of both female and male mosquitoes. Properties with an abundance of flowering vegetation tend to have large numbers of mosquitoes present.

Where will I find mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes are most active at dusk and dawn. During the heat of the day mosquitoes rest and hide in tall grasses, areas of dense vegetation, along fence lines, tree lines, and underneath decks or porches. Swarms of mosquitoes are found around areas of standing water. Mosquitoes are mainly problematic outside, but will make their way inside homes while searching for food or a blood meal. They move inside through spaces around windows and doors, open windows and doors, or through holes in screens. 

How do I get rid of mosquitoes?

To control the number of biting mosquitoes living and breeding on your property, partner with an experienced pest control professional. At Pest & Termite Consultants, we offer the modern services needed to solve your property’s mosquito problem. Our qualified professionals provide accurate identification, cost estimates, and perform our effective mosquito treatment. To learn more about mosquito control services and how they can protect your Raleigh-area property from mosquitoes, reach out to us!

How can I prevent mosquitoes in the future?

To discourage mosquitoes from choosing your property to live and breed on, and to keep them out of your home, we suggest doing the following:

  • Keep gutters clean to prevent water from pooling in them.

  • Place weather stripping around windows and doors.

  • Fill in low-lying areas on your property.

  • Store wading pools, wheel barrows, flower pots, and other containers upside down.

  • Trim overgrown vegetation away from the exterior of your home.

  • Reduce the amount of flowering plants on your property.

  • Keep grass cut short.

  • Repair or replace torn window and door screens.


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